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Lumps & Bumps Removal

Lumps and Bumps

It can be worrying to find a lump or a bump. You may think it is a medical condition, something serious, or be embarrassed over how unsightly they are to your appearance.

There are many skin conditions causing lumps and bumps to appear either just below or on the surface of the skin. Some of the most common ones are:

• Cherry angioma
• Dermatofibromas
• Epidermoid cysts
• Folliculitis
• Keratosis pilaris
• Keratoacanthoma
• Lipomas
• Neurofibromas
• Skin cysts

How to Tell when Lumps and Bumps Are Just Signs of Aging

For those who are worried about any of the lumps and bumps, the best solution is to have an expert check them over. Experts and skincare specialists will speak to you regarding the different lump causes beneath the skin, as well as the treatment options available to you.
The majority of lumps and bumps are typically harmless and caused by conditions like growths, cysts, milia, or lipoma.

Options Available to You

Lumps – Even though most lumps could disappear under natural circumstances, having them removed could help you feel more confident quicker. You could undergo a simple procedure called excision and follow it up by a professional course in rejuvenation such as Thermage or Fraxel laser treatments; this treatment offers beautiful results that will provide a smooth finish and is quick. Your skin will be lump free and radiant.

Bumps – There are a range of options offered by skin specialists for treating your body and face in order to achieve radiant and smoother looking skin. Under normal circumstances, excisions or other methods that are non-surgical will remove lumps. Acne scarring and bumps are successfully and effectively removed with laser technology, more specifically, Fraxel treatments.
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