Universal Medical Group

Healthy Aging Programs


Universal Medical Group’s clinic provides innovative anti-aging program includes: Boosting energy, enhancing sex drive, strengthening immunity, reducing body fat, improving cognitive function, and slowing the aging progression. The program is designed to address all these areas and more, helping you live a more satisfying and energetic lifestyle.

Using a an approach that is systems-oriented which engages the practitioner and the patient that are in the therapeutic partnership, the diseases underlying causes are addressed in functional medicine. This 21st century evolutionary medical practice better address a patient’s healthcare needs. Because the medical practice is more patient centered and shifted from a traditional disease centered basis, the whole person is addressed through functional medicine rather than symptoms that are typically in isolated sets. Patients are able to spend time with their functional medicine practitioners because they want to look at their interactions with their histories, genetics, environments, factors with lifestyle factors that could cause influences on the complexities of the patient’s health and their chronic disease. Because of this, functional medicine is able to support the unique vitality and health for each patient.

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